Genius Hour
Also known as 20% time, this movement allows students a set amount of time in your classroom to study/learn ANYTHING THEY want to learn. Students conference with you throughout the process and give a final presentation to the class (and post globally).

Ignite/Pecha Kucha
Talks (presentations like TED Talks) that are given in specific parameters: ignite talks last 5 minutes and use 20 presentation slides. Petcha Kucha talks are 20 slides that are on the screen for 20 seconds each (roughly 6 minutes, 40 seconds)

Makers Movement
This "new" initiative lets kids design and develop things in an open environment (no time constraints, instructions or limitations). They can use any materials that are available but oftentimes include Legos or 3D printers.

When two technologies come together to form a new tool. For example, your smartphone- it is a phone, but also a flashlight, a calculator, GPS....

Massive Open Online Courses- university courses that are FREE (but you don't get university credit for them).

Audio files- great for long commutes!

Virtual Field Trips (Google Expeditions)
Just as the name applies, free field trips!